7 Must-Know Moving Tips For High-Rise Apartments

Moving into a new high-rise apartment represents the start of an exciting new chapter in your life. But with sky-high buildings come unique challenges that could turn your moving day into a high-stakes aerial navigation episode. 

Thankfully, with a little planning and foresight, you can land safely in your new home, not only sans any mishaps but also with your sanity still intact. 

Here are seven actionable moving tips to ensure a smooth transition into your lofty abode.

1. Ascertain Building Regulations and Moving Logistics

Liaison with your building management should commence right after securing a move-in date. Many high-rises have specific moving guidelines due to security, elevator use, and noise concerns. 

Request a copy of these rules and regulations so you can share them with your moving company in St. Louis. It’s not uncommon for high-rises to require a certificate of insurance from your local movers in St Louis, MO.

Check and double-check:

  • If there’s an outdoor or oversized entry for larger furniture
  • If there’s a specific move-in window, typically off-peak hours to minimize disruption to other residents
  • What kind of special protective measures are needed, such as corner guards and floor runners to protect high-end surfaces

Pro Tip: Share any parking restrictions with your moving company to avoid hiccups.

2. Strategize Your Furniture and Packing

In high-rises, it’s all about the art of space management. Start with measuring the doorways and elevators to ensure the movers know what they’re dealing with. Conversely, you’ll need to measure your furniture, deciding if it will fit in your new space or if you should sell or store it.

Consider pre-building your larger furniture or at least ensuring you have all the pieces, tools, and instructions easily accessible.

For packing, the goal is to minimize items that can cause clutter and maximize vertical, wall, and drawer spaces. Utilizing wardrobe boxes for clothes and dish packs for kitchenware can save a great deal of time and effort.

Pro Tip: Use bags for soft items like linens. They’re more flexible for tight spaces and easier to carry up stairwells.

3. Secure Professional Movers with High-Rise Experience

Don’t underestimate the value of professional moving services in St Louis with experience in high-rise residences. Seek referrals, research online, and request estimates from companies with a solid track record in navigating tall buildings.

Ask potential movers:

  • How they handle time-confirmed moves
  • If they have their insurance and any building requirement certifications ready to go
  • What their protocol is for moving heavy, large, or fragile items in a high-rise setting

Pro Tip: Choose a moving company that dispatches a supervisor to oversee the move and anticipate any issues that may arise.

4. Create an Uncluttered Path in Your Current and New Home

Cluttered spaces make for slow moving. Instruct your movers on a clear path at both ends of the move and pack essential items in one area for easy access.


  • Strip beds and pack bedding in clear plastic bags for easy identification
  • Tape screws and small parts to disassembled furniture or keep them in labeled Ziploc bags
  • Keep a few cleaning supplies handy to quickly buff your old place once empty and your new spot prior to move-in

Pro Tip: Label each box with its destination to prevent unnecessary carrying about on the big day.

5. Time Your Move Wisely

Time waits for no man, especially on moving day when you’re fighting the clock.

Be mindful to:

  • Reserve the elevators for your move (if applicable) well in advance
  • Select the least busy move-in date and time to avoid elevator traffic
  • Keep tabs on your moving team throughout the day to ensure deadlines are being met

Pro Tip: It’s better to be the first appointment of the day, rather than be pushed back due to a late start from a previous move.

6. Understand the Layout of Your New High-Rise Apartment

Familiarize yourself with the layout of your new apartment and building before you even set foot in the place. Knowing where things are and what your new space looks like can save you time and stress on move-in day.


  • The floor plans and measurements of your new rooms
  • The pathway from the entrance to your new unit
  • The size and location of any elevators

Pro Tip: If available, visit and take photos to help plan beforehand.

7. Prepare for the “First Night” in Your New Home

The first night in your new apartment is all about ease and comfort. Pack an essential box with items you’ll need – bed linens, a shower curtain, a towel, toiletries, a change of clothes, a night light, pet supplies, and a few easy-to-prepare meals. 

This box should be the last one on the truck to be removed, ensuring a peaceful night’s rest post-move.


  • Setting up your bed and letting your pros handle the rest
  • Arranging for the essentials to be set up on the day of the move, like your internet service

Pro Tip: Schedule a relaxing end to your move, perhaps with friends or family at a local favorite eatery, before you hit the hay in your new domain.

Moving into a high-rise apartment doesn’t have to be daunting. By taking steps to plan and organize your move, you can ensure a smooth transition to life on the 20th floor and beyond. Always remember, that preparation is key, and a clear, flexible attitude will serve you well as you elevate your living experience. Happy moving!

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