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Whether you’re apartment shifting, buying a Condo or Townhome, moving across town or even trying to declutter to make your apartment living more enjoyable, our experienced movers can get you moved at an affordable price. Our trained professionals can help! We can pack, transport, and unload all your belongings as well as get rid of all your junk and clutter. We will not only make sure that all your belongings arrive safe and secure, but we will be mindful of your property like walls, banisters, and your new and old neighbors. Give us a call for your free at-home accurate estimate with no surprises on delivery day!



Our Town Homes & Condominium clients:

Mansions on the plaza

The Marquette

Crown Loft Condominiums

4101 Laclede Luxury St. Louis Condos

Plaza in Clayton

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Town Home Moving

Upgrading from that 4th floor apartment to your first house? Or maybe your old ranch to your beloved dream home? Modern Moving Company will take care of everything you need as you sit back, relax and watch our movers transport your belongings effortlessly.

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